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About Galina Todd23

Meet Galina Todd

Galina Todd

First and foremost Galina Todd is known in Russian community of USA as a first TV broadcaster of Russian TV network when it just started its work in early 90s. Galina took a liking to TV journalism in Russia back in 1984. She has a lot of political and acute social programs under her belt; among them is a preproduction of a famous TV program “Vzglyad” (Vision) with Vladislav Listiev.

Vlad Listiev

When she arrived to New York she started to work for Russian TV which just appeared. She still has a couple of her own projects: “Secrets of Galina”, “Telemag” (TV Shop) which used to have an analog on the radio called “Radiomag” (Radio Shop).

First program of American TV on Russian language.


On the photo - Galina Todd and Aleksandr Gordon.          

A. Gordon_2

Galina Todd and Aleksandr Gordon 20 years later

14 years ago Galina founded her own cosmetic company “Moy Sekret by Galina” which works solely on professional products (Salon & SPA formula). Currently her company cooperates with many laboratories working on high-end professional cosmetics in the US and Europe. Galina’s company presents hundreds of assorted products and several cosmetic lines among them Skin Gourmet, Hair Gourmet, Galyn by Galina Todd, Sans’age. Customers all around the world can choose products which will meet their needs using internet shop WWW.MOYSEKRET.COM.

She has a simple answer to the question - How do you stand tough competition? – “I don’t compete with them. We cooperate. We provide everybody who wants to know the best ways how to care about beauty with formulas of the top labs and companies creating products for upscale SPA salons of the world, and not only formulas we provide them with detailed instructions how to use them. No doubt it’s very important which cosmetic products you use but even more important how you do that. Using professional cosmetics you have to follow the instructions and make it on a regular basis. If you do so the results will be absolutely phenomenal. People regularly and correctly make very simple but very effective procedures right at home, with comfort in their own bathrooms. The amount of our customers grows every year and that means that the concept of “spa salon at home” works even for very picky clients. When our clients get the best results that is the real success for us.”


Galina Todd and mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani

Mass media about Galina Todd and Moy Sekret line   (Magazine Tonus, 2010)

Time plays a mean trick on many people. But not on her. Galina Todd, a founder of a big cosmetic company Moy Sekret by Galina, is as beautiful, optimistic and full of energy as she used to be when she was first broadcaster on Russian TV in America.


She is fragile and strong, feminine and self-confident, she embodies the motto “If you want to be beautiful, just do!”; Galina gives women not only the hope, but also a right to be what they want to.

Before starting our interview, I’d like to say two things. First of all Galina and me are very good friends because we know each other for more than 10 years. And second I call her “Gala”, it was the name of a woman Salvador Dali love his whole life. I think this version of the name is more suitable for Galina; it has so to say a flavor of a holiday – Gala…

– Gala, “Tonus” as well as “Moy Sekret by Galina” metaphorically speaking “resides on woman’s territory”. That’s why let’s start our conversation about beauty which surely every woman is interested in. So who do you consider beautiful?

– Beauty is a very personal thing. But being beautiful is what every woman feels. When we feel beautiful, everybody sees it. I was thinking about English word beautiful. Look it is like contraction of be-a-youth-full, which means literally “be full of youth”. The key is in the word itself! A beautiful woman is a woman who in spite of her age, feels young, still finds life interesting, seeks to do something new, is ready to be delighted with anything, ready to learn something, change something in her life and herself. Women who feel young and pretty in any age are always beautiful!

– Totally agree! And what do you do to be one of such women?


– I try to follow a well known rule – As long as you learn something, you are young! I learn every day: I look for the information I need, I visit workshops and exhibitions, try something new. Recently I’ve visited a workshop related to professional cosmetics, cosmetics made by doctors, high level professionals of cosmetic companies and SPA-centers. I have to say the level of today’s cosmetic industry is so high! It works so well – it’s amazing! I spoke to manufacturers, bought a lot of samples, I want to try them myself to see how it works.

– Confess, is your beauty a result of strict discipline?

Galina on the balcony

– A habit to be beautiful is a super prize which is not a gift of my fortune, but a result of every day’s work. The beauty of a young girl can be a natural wonder, beauty of an adult woman is a wonder created by her own hands. As for me the time I spend in front of a mirror is my every day ritual, it’s not a heavy thing to do, it’s a pleasure, and by the way it takes a bit of time – 15 minutes in the morning and 15 in the evening.

– There is a new product in your collection Moy Sekret by Galina, it appeared not long ago – your signature perfume “Mon Secret”, and it was created and manufactured in France. Who is this woman, you created this wonderful perfume for?


– This perfume has an interesting prehistory. In Miami I accidentally met a legendary perfume designer; he created fragrances for famous fashion designers, J. Lo, Brad Pitt. When I told this gentleman that women in Soviet Union didn’t know what the real French perfume smells like (all so called “French perfumes” were in reality made in Poland) and my dream was to introduce French perfume to Russian women, he liked this idea and was very interested. He asked me to give him an idea of my perfume and I described him a romantic story, there was a summer thunder storm in it, naked woman, garden, emotions, feelings, smells…. As a result he gave a birth to a wonderful fragrance with notes of freshness, “the heart” of it keeps reflection of the Fair Lady and the trail of scent is full of freedom, amorousness and happiness. By the way “Mon Secret” in French means “My secret” and I think that every woman should open the secret of this perfume.

– Let speak about cosmetic products now. “We sell not tubes and jars, we sell a dream” – said Leonard Lauder, head of Estee Lauder Corporation, about his products. What do you offer to every woman?

– I always offer what I tried myself, what I admire, and what I’m assured of. It’s more like hope, possibility, support, real help, not a dream at all.

– What is the main “Secret” of success for your company Moy Sekret by Galina?

Galina Todd and super-model Christie Brinkley

– You know I do my business with all my heart and soul and very woman like. I’m looking for innovations very selfishly, looking for products which will help me not to “fade”. And when I found something worth I share it with other women who care about their beauty. I respect them for the fact that they don’t forget about themselves, they want to be desired and loved. The company Moy Sekret by Galina created a line of not only high-quality products but a line of unique products which I can be proud of.

Galina on TV
Interview with Galina Todd for the American program Business Report which was broadcast worldwide.

– Your business is now larger than just “ethnic”, “the mighty of this world” started to pay attention to your products. TV news and other programs had interviews with you and you were on CNN, ABC, NBC, and famous Enterpreneur Magazine called you “Russian born Cosmetic Queen”. Honestly, how important is this formal success for you when people acknowledge you?

– I am very social and it’s very important for me. It’s flattering for me when ABC president calls me “Cosmetic Guru” and makes compliments about my energy. He noticed that women from his company around me start to preen themselves – they look in the mirror, touch up their hair…

– Creative person, as you, never stops. Confess which “peaks” are you going to conquer? What should we await from Mor Sekret by Galina this year?

– Nowadays there are a lot of “machines” for home usage on the beauty market. But I’m very careful with them, my principle is like in medicine – don’t harm! You know two of our machines because you use them – VibroLight for face lifting and Red Impulse against hair loss.

– Thank you Gala for this interview. Let’s wish women to find some time for themselves in this year.

– It doesn’t matter what age is stated on your Id, keep living with passion, feel desired and young…BE-A-YOUTH-FULL!

Galina on sofa